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Business Process Modelling

For modelling business processes, we orientate ourselves at the OMG Standard BPMN 2.0. This is an established de-facto standard for displaying processes of a company in a model. Generally business processes can be illustrated in different ways or can even be described only verbally. Independent of the representation and the description we want to argue the process of a company in the field of Business Process Modelling. Under consideration of the framework conditions we support our clients in the representation and description of business processes in an adequate level of detail.

Often business processes are elevated in the framework of IT-projects, because there exists a concrete need to display the processes of a company in a form, which serves the development of a target system. Unfortunately, this Business Process Models often will not be used furthermore after an IT-project. We would like to consult you concerning the setup of a central Business Process Management in your organisation or support you in the transformation of business processes from projects into the central Business Process Management of your organisation.


We graphically display your processes and based on a model we create a shared understanding for your project.