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Requirements Engineering

An important key factor of success for every IT-project is the fulfilment of predefined requirements. But there are questions like:

  • How to get to specific requirements?
  • At which level of detail do the requirements need to be?
  • Where are the requirements documented?

These questions cannot be universally answered. Further on there is no agreement concerning the choice of a Requirements Engineering methodology. Our advantage is, that we know divers methodological approaches and we combine them in a pragmatic manner. We support our clients in the determination of a methodology for a project and / or operatively in elevating and documenting of the actual requirements. Thereby the contact to the particular business specialists and the development of a factual, constructive and target-oriented atmosphere is important to us. We see Requirements Engineering as an iterative process and one of the key facts of success is and always will be the teamwork between Business Analyst, business representative and further stakeholders.

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Requirements Engineering

We would like to understand your project and to define / apply a practicable Requirements Engineering.